Thursday, November 5, 2009

Time Management

We have all heard this phrase but many of us do not use it or do not know how to use it wisely. Facts: there are only 24 hours in a day,there are only 7 days in a week. We have 6 days to do what all is on our agenda to do and one day The Sabbath day is our day of rest. So we know that what we must do has to be done within those 6 days.

What is on your agenda? Cleaning,organizing,reading,crocheting,sewing,exercising,ect. You know what you must do in a given day. And as you write your to do list you may be thinking how on Earth am I going to get all this accomplished today? That's where time management comes in to play.

Lets say that you wake up and you have a given amount of time to get your list completed before your husband is home from work. Ok so what do you do? Get started,get on the computer,get on the phone,ect. What would you advise that you should do to get all the things accomplished that is on your list?

You know that being on the phone is wasting precious time as well as spending to much time on the computer and/or Internet. I know that we have to get on the computer to manage things but spending more time that what is needed is a waste. And in the meantime you list is waiting for you to start it or complete it. What is going to happen if you waste your time doing something else other than what is needed to be done? It will not get done. Then your family is home and you are out of time to complete your list and you are left wondering why you didn't get it all finished. Or overwhelmed because you have no idea how you are going to get all this list plus what you need to do tomorrow done.

This whole headache could have been easily avoided with time management. That means you don't waste your time on things that will take you away from what is needing to be done. Or that you don't waste more time on one item on your list than you should.

I know there are things that will just eat at you when you are working on them because they are not going the way you want them to,but lay it down and walk away. Come back to it later and you may be surprised and it goes much more smoothly this time around. I'm not telling you to leave a mess behind just to have to clean it up later,use your head on this. Clean up as you go but don't put so much work into something that is irritating you,walk away and come back later when you are calm and clear headed.

There are many aspects of time management. Some people go as far as allotting so much time for tasks such as cleaning they know how long it will take them to complete the days cleaning tasks and they allot that much time for that on their schedule. They have this stuff down to a science.

I'm not saying you have to be that precise but to keep working and not wasting your day doing things that consume to much of your time so an easy task to achieve.

Happy Homemaking

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