Tuesday, October 6, 2009

About me

Hello my name is Tammy and I am momma to 3 great children. And wife to my high school sweetheart,the love of my life and my best friend. I am a born again christian and active in our church. I have always felt it to be my calling from God to be home with my family. To care for them and for my home.

I know that is not the norm in today's society. I can't tell you how many times I have heard the phrase "It takes both parents working to make it in today's world",well I am here to tell you that,that is not true. You can choose to stay at home and care for your family and home. I am not perfect by any means have made a truck load of mistakes and have picked myself up and brushed myself off and got back on track. It's human to make mistakes but it's smart to learn from your mistakes. So when you hit a bump in the road don't beat yourself up,get back on track while learning from your mistake.

There are many aspects to homemaking. Cooking,cleaning,caring for our children,budgeting,
shopping,decorating,gardening,baking,entertaining and caring for the needs of our husbands. So to put the term homemaking into one category would be demeaning.

 How you look at your decision to be at home also effects how you do your job. When I first started staying home, I was a little bitter and jealous of my working friends. I would see they had money,things and independent and I felt like I didn't. But once I started praying about it,God opened my eyes to my true calling. To raise my children and keep and healthy happy marriage. Once I started looking at being a homemaker more than just a name and let myself really start to love what I am doing then the blessings started rolling in.

It's my hope to share with you things I have learned and hopefully learn some new things from you. To show you that it's possible to be a homemaker and live on one income in a two income world. To be a blessing to your family and embrace your calling.

Happy Homemaking

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