Monday, May 17, 2010

Learning to be Content.....

with what I have. I have had such an awful attitude about my home. If there is a reason to complain about something I can find it. Even the smallest things I have not been happy about it. I want so badly to have a bigger home and a nicer home and I pray about it often. But what the Lord told me was not something I wanted to hear. He said how can I bless you with more when you are not happy with what I have already given you. OUCH! Sometimes it stings when our Father puts us in our place. I have wasted so much time in complaining about what I don't like about this home that I totally miss the blessings the Lord has given us here in this home.

It's amazing how our discontent can rob us of true peace and happiness,even in the most meager of situations. Our home is not a big house by any means. We are all crowded in this humble home but there is a lot of love in these walls. I can point out the many areas of our home that need something done to them but instead of that I am focusing on the positive aspects of our home. Like,well the biggest thing would be that our home is paid off,that's right,no mortgage!

I have been upset that we cannot manage to get out of here and into a bigger home. But if we would have bought a bigger home,we would have lost it when my husband was laid off,since we stayed in our present home and we had no mortgage payment,we didn't have to worry about losing our home.God knew what was going to happen and looking back now I am very Thankful he watched out for us.

There are many (well most) rooms in our home that needs finishing touches or completely tour out and redone. This is an old mining home and it is very tiny. Someone added on an addition but didn't do it properly so we are dealing with that. So many stresses but many blessings to.

Our home is small yes it is, we are a close family partly of that fact. We had no place to go but to spend time together.  The make up of our home can be fixed or changed but the memories these walls hold for us are priceless.

By not having a content heart with my current surroundings I have robbed myself and my husband of joy. That is a heavy burden on my heart. I never wanted to make my husband feel inadequate in any way shape or form. But by complaining so much I believe I have done just that. He would remark "what do you want me to do about it" I had no sly remark to that. I feel ashamed of myself for acting like a spoiled rotten kid.

So I tell you now yes we need a bigger home and if the Lord blesses us that way then that would be wonderful. But if he doesn't and we are meant to stay put then I'm OK with that as well.

Growing one lessen at a time,
The Happy Homemaker

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MameyJane said...

Yep, sometimes He has to take us out to the ole woodshed...cringe. But we're always the better for it :). You are SO BLESSED to have your home paid off!! That is an awesome accomplishment that many covet. It is our goal to finish fixing up our current house and put it up for sale. We will probably downsize to a smaller home that we can pay off quickly. It makes me sad, but like the verse says, "I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content..." He will give you the grace you need, one day a time. Thanks for your honesty.