Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm Back!

Good Thursday Everyone! I am finally back,I'm still praying about everything that has happened in my life lately but the Lord has instilled strength and some joy that would have never been possible if not for him. My mother is doing better,she still have some bad days but they are less than before. The Lord has strengthened her as well and she has a renewed faith that brings a smile to my heart. To see her talk about the future and moving on oh my that is like sweet music to my ears. She knows that she would not be where she is right now if it wasn't for the Lord! What an awesome God we serve! He hears me when I praise his name and loves me enough to sit beside me when I'm crying,what more could a girl ask for.

No my dad is still not talking to me nor will he even look at me. As a matter of fact he runs from me. That hurt me terribly but I know it has nothing to do with me personally,he has issues of his own. The devil has hold of him,I continue to pray for his soul and will not stop. I still love him and I'm trying very hard to let go of the anger I have toward him but it's hard and I'm human. In time maybe the wounds will not be so devastating but for now I can only do what I can,I'm not super woman.

Church is going so great! God is moving in a mighty mighty way. We are into the busy church season. We had a 3 day revival weekend before last. Brother Mark McCool preached,awesome is the word,the power of the Holy Spirit was powerful! Loved it! We traveled to Hunnington Wv for a youth rally,it was great! I love going to these type of services,to see all the young people there to worship the Lord is well more than words can express! This is the future of our faith and to see the mass numbers of young people earnestly seeking Jesus,filled with the Holy Ghost,I stand in awe of God's mighty power! We will have many of these type of services this summer and we will go to as many as we can.

Jason has been down this week the silly boy went swimming without sun block and now has sun poisoning. Yes he knows the risk  he has taken and how dangerous the sun is,because I have been drilling him about how stupid this was since. He is in a lot of pain and blistered up really bad,he is in steroids for the inflammation and lots of TLC from momma for the pain and itching. Needless to say he will not do this again.

On the home front things are going well. We put a small garden in. I had lots and lots of help. My uncle rototilled it for us,Jason helped me fertilize it and John,Jason and Carissa helped me plant. So you could say it's been a family event. Brandon runs from garden work he hates it. We use to have a large garden each year but since my surgeries and problems from that we haven't had one. I have really missed it,it's relaxing to me to work in it almost therapeutic. I go out to it every morning to see the progress and each morning I am surprised at how fast things are progressing. I love it! I can't wait to be able to pick fresh the things I need to whip up a tasty garden salad!

I am about out of time so until next time,God Bless
The Happy Homemaker

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avonrepdeb said...

Praise the Lord sister,

Welcome Back!
Sorry to hear about your problems with your dad,I know how that goes,I'm not that close to my own parents because at age 47,they stil try to run my life and have nothing nice to say "it's always my religion or weight".Praying for a healing for you in that situation.Praising the Lord with you on your moms testimony,God Is GOOD!!!!
Have a great weekend,
Lord bless you!!!