Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our trip to Amish Country

We had such a nice time. It was so relaxing. No cable,no phone,no internet,we loved it.
This was the scene from our room in the b&b.

We went sight seeing. The Amish were so nice and a lot of fun to talk to.

Here are a few pictures from the b&b we stayed at.

this is the back of the b&b,as you can see it's a stand alone cabin divided into 2 rooms.

side view

From the front

Cute little pond behind the b&b. We took this from the deck on our side.

The root cellar of an 1866 Amish home. The next few pictures are of this home.

Sink,where water was carried for washing dishes and other things. On the counter you can see a little bowl of white stuff,this is lye soap. They used it for everything. Washing dishes,clothes,hair and body. They said it works great on poison ivy and bug bits too.

The cooking stove where many loving meals and yummy loaves of bread were made.

It's a bit sidways but this is the heating stove they used. The pipe went all through the house to heat the lower and upper floor.

Pedal sewing machine,you can see a basket of roled rags that they used to make rugs.

Master bedroom,you can see on the floor one of their homemade rugs. This bed is made of straw. Very hard and no comfort.

Another bedroom they said it was a girls room,straw bed and chest to keep clothes and other things in it.

Little boys room,I love the rug on the floor lovely colors

chest for storing things. Here you can see the black pipe pertruding from the floor boards through the ceiling. This is the pipe from the heating stove in the lving room.

Next few pictures are of a more modern home. This is what you would find if you were to go into an old order amish home today.

Nice big kitchen!

Large living room. Here you can see the wood heating stove,it looks a lot like the modern ones that you see in stores today.

This is a battery operated lamp. On the other side by the couch was a propane lamp but I didnt get a picture of it.

I thought this wood toy was cute

My silly husband! Like his new wheels!

One more carriage.

The name and date of the family that built this barn.

Baby horse only 2 months old

These goats were so cute!

Donkey,he was a friendly little fella

Lots of lambs

John hand feeding this little one oats.

And so I trip had a lot more than just these pictures but maybe that will a post for another time. So for now Good night! God Bless!

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