Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday at my house

Carissa is working quietly on her math, I have a load of laundry going and thought it was a nice time to sit down and do my daily blog post.

 We have had a nasty virus and cold running through our house. I am still getting over it and still congested. Jason is sick and now Carissa is catching it. I am running around cleaning trying my hardest to get the house virus free and cold free. I am constantly wiping of things and spraying things. I still need to strip the beds and wash all of the bedding, I'm hoping that helps tremendously,we shall see.

Our suv is down yet again and John has work to on it.

But on the bright side at least he can fix it so that will save us a lot of money. I went through my coupons and found a couple of cold medicine coupons for 1.00 off,so I clipped them and soon will be heading out to get some more,as we have used up most of ours. Well my time is up Carissa is calling for my help.

Happy Homemaking

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