Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why I haven't been blogging

I really do love to blog. I have many things that I enjoy blogging about,God,modest womanhood,my family,cooking and baking,cleaning,ect. But I have not blogged in a few week or maybe even a month or two. Some may have been wondering what happened to me.

My parents are in the midst of a divorce. It has been very hard on me. I have tried to keep my chin up and not let the sadness and anger get to me but I am only human. I am the oldest and a lot of the pressure has been put on my shoulders to make sure my mom is ok. Not that I needed that I would have done it anyway.

My dad was a preacher as many of you know. He has become someone I do no know and would rather no know. He has slid into a sinful world where he is nothing like what he use to be.

So many things have come up since the beginning of all this. It has been and still is very difficult. I have seeked advise and counceling from my pastor and he has helped me so much. That with prayer I am finding strength.

I never thought that at the age of 35 that my parents divorcing would be so devastating to me but it has been. I have cried so many times,I have felt betrayed and anger so much anger. I would lash out for nothing and then just start crying. This whole ordeal is far from over so if you would please keep me and my family in your prayers.

It is my intention to get back to blogging as soon as I can.

Until then God Bless.

Happy Homemaking

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