Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Take a Look at the rooms your guest see when they visit

Do a little project with me. Go to each room that your guest see when they visit you. It could be the living room,kitchen,bathroom,each home will be different so each list will be equally different. Once you get your list made,grab your camera and take pictures of each room starting as you first walk into the room(s).

Once you get the pictures taken set down to your computer and upload them and take a good long look at them. You will see your home as your guests see it. Do you like what you see,is there clutter that you never really noticed? Do the walls need dusted or washed? A pictures says a 1000 words. Get out some paper and make a list of the things you see that need your attention. And incorperate those things into your cleaning this week or next.

The vital rooms in my opinion are the rooms that are visable to all. These are the rooms that people see when they enter your home and/or visit you at your home. This is also the first impression you will make to others. Are you a good homekeeper,organized and clean or are you a clutter bug. Of course you want the rest of your home to be equally as clean and organized but always make sure that your rooms that guests are in when visiting your home are 1.clean 2 clutter free 3 organized 4 decorated nicely to your taste 5 smells nice.

Did you know that dust carries odors? The thought of that curls me skin I can't stand it. I make a note to dust the trip and doors in my home all of it. The tops as well because dust will set there,yuck! I dust the outlets and light switches as well. Just a tip you might find interesting : )

It takes time to get your home the way you want it. Make sure you take the time to keep it that way. You will feel so great about your home and what it says about you. Others will love coming to your home because of the atmosphere you have developed there and of course your hospitality.

Happy Homemaking

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