Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Waste Less Wednesday

I am not a big enviromentalist,but I do,do some things to cut back on waste. My reason's for doing this were mainly to cut our household costs each month.

I don't use many paper towels,I use cloth napkins instead.

For cleaning I don't use paper towels again, I use microfiber cloths that I purchaced at Sam's club in bulk. They clean great even the mirrors and windows.

I recycle,our trash company picks up our recyle bin twice a month. So what plastics and paper and such that I do use gets reused.

I hang out my laundry as much as I can it was not to cut energy consumption but to cut our energy costs but it's doing both and that's a big +

I don't buy water in bottles but I do have a sports bottle that I wash and reuse.

I do paperless billing for as many of the companies we deal with as possible.

I recycle our clothing as much as possible.

I use less toxic cleaners in our home

These are just a few things that I'm doing to save money and consume less waste.

What are you doing? Any tips or trics you would like to share feel free.

I read a quote once that I really liked. It read... Alone we can do very little but together we can achieve great things.

Happy Homemaking

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