Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Making your own cleaning schedule part 5

Welcome to final edition of making your own cleaning schedule.

Lets review what you should have completed.

1.a detailed cleaning list for each room you have in your home. Grouping together rooms like bedroom(s),bathroom(s),family room,living room,den.
2.a daily cleaning schedule
3.your detailed cleaning lists broken down by how often you need to complete each item.

The final touches are just ahead and soon you will have a complete cleaning schedule that fits your home and routine like no other you have ever tried. Why,because it's yours,you made it,with your preferences in mind.

This will take a little while so take your time. There is no rush. As long as you are doing your daily cleaning things should be at least somewhat clean and picked up. If you have started a few things on yourdetailed lists then your home should be looking pretty good.

With new paper or you can do this on the computer (that's how I did it) and type it up and print it off. I prefer this method over pen and paper just for the fact that one it's easier to correct and two it looks so much better in your household notebook.

With papers in hand. Lets just say you are using the computer to complete this task. Take your papers and first type up your daily list,this is to be at the top of your cleaning schedule. I have typed mine up all as one large list. And then broke it down more like I am explaining to you. I would have preferred breaking it down more from the beginning but you live and learn.

Once you have your daily list done. Let's move onto your deep cleaning schedule. What room or set of rooms do you want to assign to Monday,how about Tuesday. Keep going until you have all your rooms assigned to a day. A good rule of thumb is to assign your days Monday - Friday,this way you can take the weekends and enjoy time with your family.

Once you have room(s) assigned to a day,it's time to type them up.
Type up what you will do on a weekly basis first. Then biweekly and so on util you have all the tasks that you have broken down all typed up. Grouped together by how often they are to be completed.
Keep going until you have your cleaning schedule complete.

When you are finished give yourself a pat on the back. You should be proud you now have a personalized cleaning schedule. WTG!!!!!

Happy Homemaking

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