Thursday, October 29, 2009

Deep condition and hair clarifier

I have naturally curly hair and because of that my hair is naturally dry. If I'm not attentive to it, it will frizz badly. On humid days it's frizzy no matter I do but I do tame it alot,on cold days it lays nice,on rainy days it's extremely curly (lays in locks). If I use products for my hair then I'm able to control it much better. But that gives me some build up on my scalp so I do a clarifier once a week on Friday's when I do my deep conditioning. Here's how I do it.....

Put the shampoo into a small bowl and  add 1 to 2 tablespoons of  baking soda stir to blend well then massage into my scalp really well. I leave it in there for a minute or so and then rinse it out. Your scalp will tingle a little that is normal.

That's it and it helps to remove the build up that the products I use in my hair leave behind.

Now because my hair is naturally dry,conditioner is my best friend. LOL Once a week I do a deep conditioning, it easy and only takes a short time to complete....

wash your hair as usual or if your doing the clarifier then do that first,then add your conditioner,I then use a comb and comb it through my hair to make sure it gets on each and every strand of hair. Then I twist it up into a bun and put a shower cap on. I shower as usual. The heat from the shower will help the conditioner work better. Then before I get out of the shower I remove the cap and rinse my hair well.

That's it,1,2,3 easy. This keeps my hair soft and I love it because I don't have nearly as many tangles as I use to have.

Happy Homemaking

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