Saturday, May 8, 2010

Catching up

I normally don't blog on weekends (God and family time) but since I haven't blogged since Tuesday I thought it would be a good time to send in a post.

I have been so busy this week it's crazy. Since my mom is in the hospital I am taking care of her things as well as mine. Paying her bills,running errands for her and such. And visiting her every chance I get. She is doing much better but it's when she is released and she has to deal with everything once she's home. That will be the hardest part. I have told her I will help as much as I can and if she needs to she can stay with us for a few days. She said OK but I know my mom and she will want to be in her own home,which I don't blame her. She has a lot of things to do at her house,things to go through,etc. I have told her I will gladly help her,hopefully she will accept my offer to help.

The sun has finally made it's way over the hills and it's filling this little valley up with light and warmth! Something much needed after last nights thunderstorms,they brought them a chill to the air. My uncle is coming over today to till our little garden. I can't wait to get started,I enjoy gardening of all kinds to much. I haven't been able to do any gardening since my surgeries and I miss it. My oldest son Jason has offered to help me and I gladly accepted. I am not sure how much I can do but I am eager to find out.

On the home front well I am officially behind in laundry. I think I may be able to hang some out to dry if it's not going to rain any more. The floors all need to be mopped. And I am going to be going through everything in the master bedroom. I am trying to simplify our lives more. And as a part of that getting rid of things we don't need or use. It's just stuff that is taking up precious space in our tiny humble home.

I have been asking the Lord to help me with our budget. John has a great job but he is at the lowest pay in the plant for the next 16 months. Then he gets bumped up to regular pay. But in the mean time we are living off of a lower pay and I'm OK with that. But it's taking some getting use to. I have asked the Lord to help me as I open my mind to new ideas and to give me an understanding of money that I never had. I am good at budgeting but there's always room to improve.

One area I am extremely interested in and have always been and that is in the kitchen. Cooking more and more from scratch and learning  about soaking grains. I would love to get our grocery spending cut by 30 dollars a week. With some learning and determination I think I can do it.

The Happy Homemaker

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No Ordinary Me said...

30.00 a week?! I wish. I pray! Doesn't even come close to that. I will send you a gold medal if you can. ! :)

I admire all women that work hard at this area in the kitchen.

Praying for your mom!