Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Making your own cleaning schedule part 1

Yesterday I told you that I would go over step by step how to make your own cleaning schedule. One that fits you and your situation. The nice things about having your own cleaning schedule is that you know your needs. You know better than anyone else the things that need to be done at your home. You know roughly how many loads of laundry you do each day, you have an idea of how you want your home to look and what it is going to take to get it there.

The key here is getting those ideas,thoughts,wants and needs down on paper and organized so that it can become a working plan. Something that is easy for you to follow and something that will help make your life a little easier. Making the schedule is one part the hard part comes when you have to start going by your schedule but soon you will a flow and what was a bit overwhelming for you at first will become second nature.

Ok so now onto today's lesson........

 How many rooms do you have in your home? Don't forget the porches,decks and entry ways,ect. All these even though they may not be something you would consider putting on your schedule please do so. They are a part of your home and need attention to. Not only do you want these to look nice and welcome to friends and family and any other visitor you may have but also for you. Here's your assignment for today.

Get a notebook and pencil (no pens),write down the rooms of your home one per piece of paper. You can group together the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Tomorrow I will go into more detail of what to do with these pages.

Until then,


Make your own cleaning routine part 2

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