Tuesday, April 27, 2010

At my house

Yesterday was a rainy day so no time outside,well I could have made it to the front porch but didn't seem to get there. My oldest son Jason had a bit of a stomach bug,nothing big just a stomach ache,but he did help me. He bathed our dog Princess,she is old and well getting that old dog smell some dogs get,so we have to bath her more often. She hates but it's a necessary evil.

Monday's are always catch up for me since we rest on Sunday,I do minimal work. I usually have tons of laundry to get caught up. To be honest I have still to understand how this happens. I try to make sure all laundry is done Saturday,so with that we should only have the clothes for Saturday and Sunday. But come Monday morning I am bombarded with huge heavy loads and I am in the laundry room all day,or at least it feels that way. When I am able to hang some laundry out to dry I get much more done,but there are times when that is impossible for me.

Monday is the day I deep clean the bathroom (s),so my deep cleaning is fairly fast and thank God it's that way with all the catch up I have.

Carissa is doing so well in school,she is now doing long addition and subtraction and cursive writing. She is so proud of herself when she gets a letter right. Her whole face just lights up! I love it!

I would love to say that my day was so great but I am still dealing with an extraordinary about of pain. A little history,you all know that I have had 2 spinal surgeries last year. And my awesome out of this world Jesus healed me of scar tissue that was wrapped (ing) around my spine and the muscles,tissue,and nerves in my back. I couldn't move without severe pain that would make me scream out.

I am so grateful my Lord healed me of something the doctors could do nothing but treat the symptoms of. He is so awesome like that!!! I was so happy to be able to rejoice and praise and dance for the Lord like I was never able to before. I felt so free to worship him without the pain I had before!

Then all of a sudden the muscles in between my shoulder blades started to spasm without warning or cause. I was still seeing the pain specialist,it was suppose to be my last appointment with him because I was healed. I told him what was going on and he put me on strong muscle relaxers and some pain medication. He put me in outpatient and did some target injections directly into the knotted up muscles. That worked great for about 8 hours then I felt them spasming again.

Since then the spasms have gotten worse,they are in my neck,shoulders and the muscles that lay on top of my ribs (those are extremely painful). Most of my days are spent sitting in our recliner with a large heating pad set on the highest setting on my back and still it's severely painful. I do still clean my house as I refuse to be defeated by this. I know the Lord can and will heal me in his time. There has to be a reason I am going through this,maybe it's the reach someone to witness to that I would otherwise not be able to reach, I don't know but he knows. The pain was so bad yesterday evening that it actually made my spine hurt,it took all I had in me not to pull my hair out. We are in limbo right now as my husband's benefits don't kick in until June 23,talk about a long wait when your in severe pain on a daily basis. I'm not asking for pity I know I will be healed one day. I just get so tired of living this way. I get weak sometimes,especially in the evenings like last night,then I look back at how far God has brought me and I know he still has me in his hands I just need to trust in him and I will make it through this.

The Happy Homemaker

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Natural Mama said...

Tammy, I will be praying for you. We actually have a guy that went to our church (doesn't come now b/c of the pain) that had the scar tissues wrapping around his spine. He told me how very rare this was. He has gone to CA for a couple of surgeries, but he isn't much better. Interesting that you had the same thing! So sorry that you're in pain. I hate that. :/