Friday, October 16, 2009

What does being frugal mean to you?

What does the term frugal mean to you? What it means to me could be something totally different from you. There are many variables that effect a persons views on what is frugal and what is not. Income is one,if you have more of it you may spend it on things that cost more than someone with less of it. You may not take it to the same levels that someone that is not in your income bracket,but then again you may,who knows.

For me being frugal doesn't mean being cheap. I'm not going to refuse to get something just because I don't want to spend the money. But if we don't have the extra money to spend on it I will refuse it. But just for the sake of being a tightwad with our money,no. If it's something we need or if I have the extra money in our budget to spend on it then that option is open.

Frugality for me is a term referring to being wise with your money and the things you own. For example,you go out and purchase a lovely table,you take your time and look around, you go to several stores,including used stores and find the right table at the right price. How do you know what is the right price well you set a price before you ever leave your home and don't go above it. But that is just one phase of what I believe it means to be frugal.

You take the table home and set it up with a nice lamp and some pictures. You are so proud of your find and that you stayed within your price. But as time goes on here's where frugality takes on another side. How you care for the things you have. If you take care of your things they will last longer and there in saving you money. That's another phase of being frugal. Making the most of what you have.

That not only goes with the big ticket items you get but also every day things,shampoo,soap,laundry soap,dish soap,make it stretch. Food use it up,use up leftovers,get creative. Clothing,keep good clothes for going places and every day clothes for every day. Buy used when you can and shop clearance racks as much as possible. Try your hardest to not pay full price for a single piece of clothing you get. It can be done.

Frugality is all about a mind set. Set your mind that you will not pay full price for anything if at all possible. From Cars to food,it can be done. Wrangle with the car dealer and get the best deal but first you have to do a little research and find out what the best deal is,clothing buy used and shop clearance and sales,furniture same with clothing,shop used and clearance and sales,food shop sales and combine coupons and stock up! I urge your to purchase Terri's book Shop Smart Save More in it she goes into detail about how she shops and how you can do what she does to.

Set your mind today right now that you are going to spend as little as you can without going cheap. Get what your family needs and save the rest for a rainy day or a great great sale.

Times are tough yes they are but there are things that we can do to help our family. Watch what we spend and be diligent about getting our costs down. Talk with your husband and let him in on what you are doing. You may have to show him the benefits of what you doing first,sometimes men need to see something in action before they buy into it.

Lets be frugal together!

Happy Homemaking

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