Friday, November 20, 2009

Frugal Friday:Making Your Own Cleaning Products

I am making most of my cleaning supplies now at home. Using things that I have already on hand or that can be purchased at a low cost.


baking soda


lemon oil

olive oil


most of the things that use to clean my home I make from this list. Window cleaner,comet (like it anyway),wood cleaner,floor cleaner,toilet cleaner,ect.

Cleaners can be made pennies on the dollar this way.

For cleaning my sink,tub and counter, I use vinegar in a spray bottle,if I need to scrub it I spray it down and add a little baking soda let it set for a minute or two and then scrub it clean. No you home will not smell like vinegar. Once it dries it odorless.

Windows,ammonia and water in a spray bottle

Toilets bleach in spray bottle,for the bowl just a cap full of bleach,let it set for about 10 minutes then scrub it clean. Crack a window when dealing with bleach.

You can also use bleach when cleaning your floors but only if you have light colored tile or vinyl flooring not wood.

For wood floor use vinegar and water

To clean wood use vinegar and water,if you want to condition it while you clean add a bit of olive oil to it. If you want to condition and shine it after cleaning use lemon oil

 It's not hard and these things can be bought very cheap and a little goes a long way.

Happy Homemaking

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