Monday, April 26, 2010

Dinner Menu 4/26 - 5/1

Monday - Rosted Chicken,mash potatoes,homemade gravy,cucumber salad

Tuesday - Soup Beans (using ham bone from last weeks ham dinner),from scratch cornbread,fruit

Wednesday - chicken nuggets,mac & cheese,corn on the cob

Thursday - Bible study night - crockpot roast beef,mash potatoes,homemade gravy,corn,peas and homemade rolls

Friday - Spaghetti,garlic bread,salad

Saturday - Beans n franks,mac & cheese,fried potatoes,apple sauce

What's on your menu this week?

The Happy Homemaker


Anonymous said...

Yum, on the fired potatoes. Love em.

MameyJane said...

Hmm...what's on my menu? Tonight is simmered deer meat (slain by my own He-man :)) with mashed potatos, cornbread, and broccoli & cheese. Tomorrow night is red beans & rice with sausage, Wed is chicken enchiladas with leftover beans & rice, Thursday is loaded potatos and Friday is potato soup with corn muffins.

Love reading about your menus!