Monday, April 5, 2010

Menu Monday

I am using what I have on hand here as much as I can. Of course using the leftover ham from Easter dinner in a couple of meals. Our freezers and pantry are well stocked Thank God! The budget is very very tight for the next couple of weeks. Until John get his first pay from his new job : )

Monday- leftovers,mac & cheese

Tuesday - soup beans,corn bread,sliced oranges

Wednesday - Pepperoni rolls w/ cheese,french fries,cucumber salad

Thursday - chili,cornbread,tossed salad

Friday - beans N franks,mac&cheese,baby carrots

Saturday - Roasted turkey beast,mash potatoes,gravy,corn on the cob

Sunday - Turkey N gravy,biscuits,leftovers

With each meal I warm up leftover as well and set them all out buffet style.

Happy Homemaking

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