Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday at our house

What a wonderful sunny morning,God has given us in NCWV. I have hung out some laundry and I'm loving it. Yesterday I hung some jeans on the first line,I knew I was counting my days when the line retired. Yesterday evening while I was cooking dinner,the line gave way and the jeans came tumbling down. At least they were all dry before it fell. LOL

I am still getting use to my husbands night schedule. Having him home for almost a year and then poof back to work takes some adjusting to say the least.

What I wanted to talk about today is parenting.

I am a strict mom,we have rules in our home and we expect the kids to follow them. When they don't they get punished. It's that simple. In the world there are laws that we all must follow if we don't we get punished. So why teach our children from a young age that the Rules,don't reply to them,they can do what ever they choose to do and they will not be punished for it. This type of thinking results in carelessness and often times trouble with the law later on in life. When your trying to raise good christian men and young lady then rules go with it. Teachings on God's ways and being good parents go hand in hand. God doesn't want us to let our kids have a freeforall without any consequences,that's not how life is.

When you set rules for you kids and teach them God's ways and then the devil brings someone into their lives that try to take them from the path you have them on. If you have done all you can do and have open communication with your child he/she will Lord willing come to you and talk with you about the problems he/she is having. And together you can talk and pray about it. This would be a great time to talk to your son/daughter about God's plan for their life. About the love of God and how much he desires only the best for him/her.

Parenting is hard work,it takes a lot of patience,love and understanding. As our children grow we take on new phases in their lives. Until finally we are parents that have raised them to be upstanding Christian men/women in the community and we take on the realm of friend. We never stop worrying as moms and probably as dads to but if we know they are on the right path and have God on their side our worry is lessened.

Happy Homemaking

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