Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Cleaning Routine Schedule

I strive to have a clean and organized home. I enjoy the feeling I get when I know my home is clean and smells fresh. I sat down many years ago and wrote down a cleaning schedule, I set a day a week for cleaning an assigned room(s) and/or areas of my home. It has worked wonders for me. Here is my schedule.

Monday - Bathroom(s) + Daily Cleaning
Tuesday - Living Room, Family Room + Daily Cleaning
Wednesday- Bedroom(s) + Daily Cleaning
Thursday - Kitchen, Dinning Room + Daily Cleaning
Friday - Laundry Room, Vehicles, school room + Daily Cleaning
Saturday - outside work + Daily Cleaning
Sunday - minimal work (Sabbath) Day of Rest

Having it all broken down makes it so much easier to manage. I will post my cleaning routine soon.

God Bless,

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