Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bible Time

John reading God's word to us.

Most every evening we have a bible time. Unless we absolutely can't we do,it's a time where my husband or sometimes another member of the family gets a book and chapter and we read and discuss it as a family. My children have learned so much about God's word doing this. And to tell you the truth I have learned things I have either forgotten or didn't know all together. It's a blessed time and something we all look forward to each evening. It's fun to find out what book in the bible we will be getting into what chapter. And some of the questions our children give us is amazing. It's awesome to see their interest in God's word. They are truely growing in the walks with Christ and that is amazing and awesome to see as a mom. I took the liberty to take a few pictures of our bible time Sunday night. We were discussing Luke chapter 22 - 23 KJV,wow is all I can say. The boys really got into this study and their understanding of just what happened in Jesus's last days is so clear to them. And oh how much more appreciative they are of our Saviour for all he did for us.


                                            The kids on the couch during bible time.

The kids getting into the discussion. Growing in Christ! It's so awesome!!!!

Happy Homemaking

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