Saturday, October 24, 2009

What a season already

The H1N1 virus is hitting every one hard. Even in our little community. We have students in the public school systems going home sick. People diagnosed daily with h1n1. It has even hit close to home. My cousin age 4 was diagnosed yesterday and one of my closest friends from church her daughter was diagnosed a week agao. We have a couple of children out due to h1n1 at my daughters very small christain school.

We are stressing now more than ever the importance of keeping your hands clean,coughing into your arm or tissue and not your hands,to respect others personal space and your own and not get in others faces. I am not going to get the vaccination for me or my family. There are just to many unknown future side effects,so we made the personal choice to not get it.

I think it's so important to keep our communities and country in our prayers each day. This thing can be ugly and it can be mild,it's like a toss up. You don't know how bad your going to get it until you do.

We were all sick a couple of weeks ago but not with the h1n1. Just sick. I am still fighting a cold,which makes me even more cautious. I am taking cold medcine and vitamins and emergen-c. Just seems to want to hang on this year.

Happy Homemaking

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