Monday, November 30, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

oven fried chicken (will post recipe later),mash potatoes,gravy,green beans,corn,cucumber salad,dinner rolls

beans n franks,mac & cheese,applesauce,corn,cucumber salad

chicken fried pork,mash potatoes,peas,peaches,green beans,buttermilk biscuits

spaghetti,salad,garlic rolls

cheat night - frozen pizza

Party for my oldest son post birthday celebration- meatball with bbq sauce and spaghetti sauce, Italian bread,butter,mozzarella cheese,parmesan cheese,veggie platter,sausage rolls,nacho cheese

roasted pork loin,mash potatoes,gravy,salad,peas,carrots,peaches,rolls

Happy Homemaking

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