Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday at my house

It's still fairly quiet in the house,only Carissa and Jason are up. Princess our dog is walking around waiting to go outside to potty. Jason is still not feeling well so we kept him home from school again today,Carissa will be starting her school work soon. Then I have to get my day started.

During our bible time we have been reading and discussing Mathew ch. 5 the sermon on the mount. We have had a great time discussing this and our children are each actively participating in it. I am so happy that we started evening bible time with our children,it's so awesome to see the interest in God's word from our children. I love it!

Since I have been sick I have slacked off on some of my duties here at home. One of those duties is teaching my daughter Carissa home duties. Things that she will need to know to run her household when she grows up and gets married. I know my daughter is only 7 but I have started teaching her now,nothing big just helping a little with meals,helping me clean the kitchen and house and helping me with laundry. She loves it and will often come back to me and ask to do more. It's cute.

I am hoping to get the bedding all washed and put back on the beds. And continue my quest of getting this house rid of this virus.

Until next time,

Happy Homemaking

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