Thursday, October 8, 2009

Making your own cleaning schedule part 2

Today's how to is simple at least on my part it is : ) 

Take the papers that you wrote the name of the room(s) at the top of and go to the room that is listed on the first page.

If it's the living room/family room then head to that room(s),take a good long hard look at the room. Look at every corner,under things and on top of things. Look behind things and in hidden spaces. Look at everything. Make a note of problem areas or clutter spots. Those we will talk about later. Start to make you list now.

What do you want done in this room. Be as detailed as you can be. We will worry about the frequency of which you do them later. For right now start with the first room making as detailed of a list as you can humanly and possible make. Once your finished with that room move on the next room(s).

That's it for today,this is going to take you some time or at least it should if you are going as detailed as you can. So go on get started and I will meet you back here tomorrow.

Until then,

Happy Homemaking

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