Monday, October 12, 2009

Makng your own cleaning schedule part 3

Welcome to part 3 of making your own cleaning schedule.

By now you should have your rooms written down on paper with rooms like the bedrooms and bathrooms grouped together,meaning you only needed one sheet for those rooms. You should also have a detailed list of things you want to clean written down for each room.

Today I want you to get another sheet of paper and write daily on the top of that paper. Now go around your house and write down all that you would like to clean on a daily basis.To give you an example here is my daily cleaning schedule.

Make all beds

Laundry all to be done daily this means washed,dried,folded and put away.

All floors carpeted or not need to be swept or vacuumed.

All non carpeted floors need to be mopped daily.

Wipe down counters and sink in kitchen.

Make sure all dishes are done (do not allow them to pile up)

Wipe down bathroom counters and sink.

Clean toilet(s).

Sweep porches,front steps and walk.

Clean storm door glass.

Pick up as you go through your day.
This is simply a list that I have come up with for my home that I like to make sure is done on a regular perferrably a daily basis. Things like sweeping our deck and walk are not done daily due to weather but the other things are. It's just a quick clean up to keep our home looking nice and that is the whole idea of your daily cleaning. Things that need to be cleaned on a daily basis so you don't fall behind and your home looks picked up and ready for guests.
Happy Homemaking

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