Thursday, June 10, 2010


If anyone has dealt with depression at any time in their life or has had a family member walk through the waters of depression,you know how hard it can be. The things you once loved you no longer find joy in,you don't want to be around friends and family. You feel the desire to sleep more than normal for you. You lack energy,motivation,you cry all the time. You eat more than normal or not enough. You feel hopeless and angry. You just wish the world would leave you alone. Sound familiar?

How do I know so much about depression? I grew up with a woman that suffered and is suffering from clinical depression,anxiety,and slightly bi polar. My mother has suffered for years with these sometimes debilitating sicknesses. She has been on medications since well I honestly can't remember when she was first diagnosed. I have watched her suffer in ways I would never wish upon anyone. I have seen the effects that depression has on not just the person suffering from it but the whole family. It's so painful to watch someone you love sink into the darkness of depression.

I myself have had bouts of sadness. Recently while dealing with my dad. I refused to allow myself to grieve the loss of the relationship with my dad and the marriage that was lost between my parents. What instilled within was anger a lot of anger,frustration,and isolation. I prayed and prayed begging God to help me,I felt like I was losing my mind. The Lord spoke to my heart,I was not allowing myself to grieve. It was a loss,maybe not a death,well yes it was a death now that I think about. A death of a marriage and a death of a relationship between a daughter and her Earthly father. By not allowing myself to grieve this loss I was doing damage to myself,mind,body,spirit. So I began on the journey of letting go of the bitterness,to soften the hardening of my heart,with the help of Jesus I have made strives. When I feel the need to cry,I go off by myself and I cry. I journal my feelings and talk with my husband and of course talk with my Heavenly father every day throughout the day. It is not an easy walk but walking through the valley's of darkness and drudging through the mud of bitterness with Jesus at my side has been worth it. I know that when I get to the other end of this dark phase of my life I will be a stronger woman. I will still have a sore spot when it comes to my dad but it will get easier to deal with. No my depression is nothing like what my mom has dealt with so why did I include it with this article. There are many phases of depression not all are life long battles but all are hopeless without Jesus.

I recently found a blog that I really enjoy. It is called Women Living Well,I think the name initially caught my eye but once I started reading I started returning to read more. She has started a series on Depression on another blog Like A Warm Cup of Coffee. I am including in the article the first to parts of this series.....

Dealing with Depression - part 1

Dealing with Depression - part 2 - The physical side

Sometimes you just have to choose to be happy and fight for it.

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