Thursday, January 7, 2010

Managing my home like......

When I had my own cleaning business,I knew what each of my clients wanted. When the day that I was to clean their home came, I had a plan of attack that was just for that home based on what the clients wishes were.

It's much like that for my own home. I know what we as a family need and I know how my husband I like our home to look and feel. That's where I start. It's almost like I'm my own client. LOL I run my home like I did my business. I know where to start what to do and when to do it. Having a take charge attitude like this really helps me keep things up the way we like them. Now I don't want to put out the attitude like we never have a messy home because that would not be true. We have 3 children and a dog in the home so you know we have our share of messes.

I get up in the mornings and I know what must be done that day. I know I only have so many hours to work and I start much like I did when cleaning professionally. I start and I don't stop until I'm finished.

Yes when anyone starts a new schedule it's daunting to them and takes a bit more time than they are use to. But I assure you that if you keep doing it,it takes less and less of your time. It becomes more of a habit and can be done rather quickly.

Personally I love my home being clean and smelling good. There's something in knowing that when someone comes to my door,my home is inviting to them. It's free of clutter,because I do clutter runs on a regular basis,and I don't feel a panic when I hear a knock on the door. I don't spend all my time cleaning, I have an alloted amount of time a day that I spend on cleaning and no more. It's taken me a bit of time to get my cleaning down like that only because my list is extensive,but remember I use to clean professionally and that carried over a bit in my own personal cleaning.

 Don't give up. Keep pushing yourself and you will get there.

Happy Homemaking


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