Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Brrrr Wednesday

We had a snow front come through Monday and it left behind cold temperatures! While the snow was beautiful and so much fun to play in, the temperatures made it difficult to stay out for an extended period of time. Still yet my kids had a blast sledding and making snow angels.

I gave the kids a half day of school under the conditions that they would work hard and they did. So they got the rest of the day to enjoy the snow before it's all gone and a muddy mess it left in it's place.

It was the perfect time to make a nice hot dinner. Soup beans and cornbread was on the menu last night. And oh did it every hit the spot. I also made a few batches of chocolate chip and sugar cookies. The oven being on kept the house nice and warm.

I have so many things on my heart and mind that I am praying about. Asking the Lord for guidance and wisdom. Some I will share on here others will be left for the right time. I feel the Lord leading my husband and I down new paths, it's exciting and too be honest a bit scary. I'm a routine person by nature and I like things just so, and everything that has been happening and is going to happen is anything but, but all the same I find a comfort in allowing God to lead us. He is the potter we are the clay!

God Bless,

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