Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How to manage your list

We all get company,some more often than others. And depending on how your company stays will help with how you manage your list. Will they be staying over night,all week,a weekend,are they coming over for dinner or just to visit for a of couple hours.

Either way you need to make sure of a few things if you want to ensure that your home is welcoming to your guests. If they are staying you will want to make sure the guest room is ready for them. Change the sheets,fluff the pillows,deep clean that room and guest bathroom.

No matter how long your guests are staying you will want to make sure that each room that will viewed by them is clean and organized. I do not have my home decorated very well,I took everything down while we were remodeling to keep it from being broken. Since we are not finished yet I am leary to put everything out again. But that doesn't mean that my home can't be cleaned and organized.

The beauty of your daily cleaning schedule is that it should include things that need to be done on a daily basis and will keep your rooms looking good. This will reduce your time of cleaning for company. Nonetheless you should make sure that all rooms friend and/or family may see looks presentable. By doing this along with your hospitality you are ensuring that your guests will feel welcomed .

 If you have company coming this weekend or for the holidays get your list out and start cleaning,decluttering,organizing,and/or decorating so that you will know for sure that you and your home is ready to welcome your friends/family.

Happy Homemaking
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