Friday, April 23, 2010

Feminine Friday

My daughter took this picture of me for Feminine Friday!!!! Nice little photographer isn't she! My hair is still wet so please exuse the craziness of it. The skirt is one that I couldn't wear for a long time now it fits and I have plenty of room in it!!!!! YIPEEE!  We are getting ready for weekly grocery trip.

I have to tell you the story of the blankets on the doorway. That is the doorway into our masterbedroom,my husband works midnights at a pharmaceutical plant and there were bits of light that came through any cracks in the door. I enjoy a lot of natural light in my home and that ran right into our master bedroom so to keep that from keeping him away I put these blankets around the door for him. I sacrifice a pretty wall for my honey. : )

My daughter Carissa didn't want to be left out of the fun!

Well off to the store we go,after I fix my hair of course. LOL

The Happy Homemaker


Valencia said...

That is so sweet that she joined in with you. My two littlest ones always do. But sometimes they won't stand still long enough to get a good You look beautiful!! I have blankets all over the windows and my door to our master bedroom because of the same reason. So don't feel bad(smile)

Natural Mama said...

Thanks for participating--both of you!! :) Gotta love a jean skirt! It's a must have! :)

No Ordinary Me said...

First, I love the idea of sharing your little girl outfit. You both look radiant.