Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our recent Bible study

This week we have been doing an extensive study on what God's word says about dating. This has been a very interesting study and my sons have had many questions. When we talk about dating as Christians,we are not talking about the kind of "dating" that the world promotes. What we are talking about is more like courting than dating. It is in the bible to do this not to play the feild until one sticks. Not to go from one boy/girl to another. To get involved with someone to early and/or moving into intimate phases of a relationship that should be kept for marriage while unmarried or even worse a teenager.

God tells us in his word to pray and find a wife/husband. Not to maybe sometimes pray when the mood hits me or maybe not pray at all or promise to pray and wait for God's choice for you but then run with your flesh as soon as someone comes along that tickles your fancy. The earliest example that the bible gives us on courting is in Genesis 2:18 It is not good that the man should be alone;I will make a helpmeet for him. The Lord didn't tell Adam hey go play the feild and be full of lust of the flesh and act on it. He made him a helpmeet from Adam's own rib. She was perfect for Adam because Eve was chosen by God for Adam. This is still true today,how do I know. Well first off  the bible tell us God is the same yesterday today and forever. So if he has not changed why would you think that his views on the proper way to find your future husband/wife would change. Why do you think he is going to turn his head and not look while you do things that you know you should not do as Christian young men/women.Young people today are making horriable mistakes by giving of themselves to whomever they feel an attraction to for the moment. How sad is it that our sons and daughter believe this is just how they are suppose to do things. When Jesus himself has made someone just for them and when they don't trust in him to bring he/she into their lives when the time is right,well why should he reward the weak in faith with a prize of the RIGHT man/woman.

God made marraige to protect us. God made marriage to keep us from fornication with the opposite sex. Hebrews 13:4 Marriage is honorable in all,and the bed undefiled:but whoremonger and adulterers God will judge. In other words going from boy/girl to boy/girl and doing things you know is meant for marriage is a sin we all know it. But the world wants our young people and parents to believe this is normal. Noone courts anymore dating is the norm. How is someone suppose to find a wife/husband if they don't date around? How about praying?! God has a mate for our sons and daughters if only they show obediance to him and us (the parents) and be faithful. Keep themselves pure for their future husband/wife.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the worlds way of finding a husbadn/wife is not working it's a very broken system. Based on feelings and attractions that are led by the flesh not the spirit are leading our young people into very dark places. Divorce rates in America are rediculous. According to divorce the first marriage that ends in divorce in America in 2010 is 41%,wow and we are only 4 months into the year. But if a second marriage is in the work the rate goes up to 60% and a thirld 73%. I think we can see it's not working. Wanting to have a husband/wife is natural but going with the world and following your flesh is very much the wrong way to do it in my honest opinion,and from what I read daily and see on the news I think I'm right for believing this way.

There is a way to insure you are going to have the right person the first time. Pray,parents pray for your son/daughter to, for their future husband/wife. Children listen to the widom of your parents. Jesus tells us he is the way the truth and the light,why on Earth do you think he would ever steer us wrong. Have faith he will reward you with a happy lasting marriage.

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