Monday, April 12, 2010

dinner menu plan 4/12 - 4/18

Monday - Beef roast,mash potatoes,gravy (using beef drippings),buttered corn

Tuesday-Open faced roast beef sandwiches,leftovers,tossed salad

Wednesday - Fried Rice,homemade garlic rolls

Thursday - Roasted chicked,cheesy potatoes,green beans

Friday - BLT's French fries,corn on the cob

Saturday - Homemade pizza and salad

Sunday - Chicken n gravy,buttermilk biscuits,rice,baby carrots

It's been a hard month,we have gone 3 weeks with no pay. So my menus have been what I have had stocked up in our freezers,fridge,and pantry. Thank God I stock up on food. We have only needed to get very few items from the store this month.This Friday will be my first real grocery shopping trip in almost a month.

The Happy Homemaker

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