Thursday, June 24, 2010

At My House

It has been a crazy week at my house. Busy is the usual theme,running Brandon to pt now and football practice. Jason had to to go to our family doctor and now has to go for an mri on his right shoulder. He is afraid he may have a rotator cuff tear or some kind of chronic inflammation that has a really big medical term I can't remember right now. So all pt and training is off until further notice,doctor's orders.

Our neighbor was kind enough to cut along our property line but in the process didn't move our trash cans and hit them with his mower and busted up one. He didn't tell us and the wild life got into the can and tore into the trash,lovely,sigh. Now I have to replace 2 cans for the same reasons.

I made a vital mistake of allowing Carissa to play the game cube game sonic. Seems innocent enough until I noticed very ugly attributes coming out in her. TEMPER! She has a very bad one and at her young age can't control it very well. Well yesterday I allowed her to get on our lap top,remember I told you our desk top was having problems. She has been on it before without any problems but yesterday she got angry (there's that nasty temper again) and she hit the screen. She came running knowing she was in trouble. She smashed the screen when she hit it. Then to make matters worse she lied to me not once but twice,something I can't stand. She was grounded to her room yesterday no tv no nothing. Now she will not be allowed on the computers or game systems until I can see she can control herself. There is one thing (of many) I regret and that is bring those things into our home. I have seen tempers rise that I believe normally would not have. Long story short my youngest son Brandon had a dinosaur computer and hooked it up and boom internet. It is very slow,lol it can't keep up with my typing. I have pictures of Carissa's party Saturday I want to share but I don't know if this computer can handle it. Lord willing we will get another soon (very soon).

Until next time,
The Happy Homemaking

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