Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oily Skin,what I have found that works for me

As I have gotten older I have developed oily skin and as a result I often have break outs. That's something I never had to deal with not even as a teenager,but alas it hit me. I tried many many products and nothing was working for me. I went for a facial as a Christmas gift from my husband and son's,she told me to use moisturizer even though I have a problem with oily skin. I tried and tried to find a moisturizer I could use and use as my daily regimen. I did find one that I love and use and it does great with my skin type but I still had problems with oiliness. Until I read on a blog about castile soap and oily skin, I thought to myself it's worth a try and I googled it to find out where on Earth I could find this stuff. I found it at Target and it was very reasonably priced,I think I got it for less than 10.00 for 16 oz.

I brought it home and washed my face with it. At first I thought it wasn't going to work for me,each day I got up and washed my face with it and each night before bed I washed my face with it. Still each day my face was oily, I was so frustrated and thought of making an appointment with our dermatologist. I didn't give up I kept at it and after a couple of weeks of washing my face with it I started noticing a change in the amount of oil on my face. Now after 3 weeks of using it I can really see a difference,my face is not only significantly less oily but it's also very,very soft something I didn't expect but love.

It only take a small drop in my hand to wash my face and neck. A little of this stuff goes a long way. It's thin so if you try this be careful with you use it. I have started using it as my shower wash as well. Two to four drops of water on my scrubby is plenty and the smell is awesome.

I use the Lavender scented castile soap one because I love lavender and two because of antibacterial agent of lavender it's a win,win for me and I hope it can be for you as well.

The Happy Homemaker

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