Friday, June 11, 2010

A Stay At Home Daughter and Give Away

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The mental image of “stay-at-home daughters” is usually of a girl . . .

Who is at home twiddling her thumbs while waiting, just waiting, for her Prince Charming to come and sweep her off her feet. She has nothing better to do than clean the house. Oh, and she can cook, too. What in the world does she do with all that free time? I mean really, all she’s capable of doing now is just waiting for her Prince Charming . . . right?

There’s a lot more to being a stay-at-home daughter than just cooking and cleaning. But because that’s the only thing the world thinks we’re doing, no wonder we seem so strange.

The majority of the stay-at-home daughters that I have met are productive, creative, resourceful, and in many cases are entrepreneurs. They have a vision and a desire to glorify the Lord in the area where He has sovereignly placed them by serving in the home.

Because we are at home, we are able to spend time preparing for the future, as well as being productive daughters at home.

We are able to spend time studying, learning how to change a tire, helping young mothers with their workload, starting a business, writing books, making baskets, serving the elderly, fixing window screens, cooking, understanding nutrition, sharing with others what we have learned, practicing hospitality, assisting our mothers, doing secretary work for our fathers, encouraging our siblings, etc. – just to name a few.

(I’m not saying a daughter who is away from home most of the time cannot do these things, but I think it would be most taxing to juggle the above plus school, job, etc.)

Rather than wasting my time idly sitting by, I desire to be a productive daughter who is passionate about today and preparing for the future. No, it’s not always easy, but by God’s grace I can glorify Him through the work of my hands as I seek to continue to learn, grow, and serve!


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And now for the give-away!

So Much More was written by Anna Sofia & Elizabeth Botkin, fellow stay-at-home daughters. The Lord has used their book mightily and it has had an amazing impact on thousands of daughters around the world. So Much More is a wonderful book for daughters of all ages, as it gives biblical and practical advice on being daughters, serving our families, fighting sin, honoring our parents, and thriving in our God-given roles!

We are giving a copy of this wonderful book away to one of our readers! Also in the bundle will be two CD’s with audio from two important talks Anna Sofia & Elizabeth have given. The first is called Strength and Dignity for Daughters, which speaks on how a daughter can be a joy to her father and a tremendous help in his work, while looking to him as her hero.

The second is called, What Our Father Taught Us About Boys. In this talk they give practical advice on navigating the tricky waters of relationships with boys, and how these relationships, properly conducted, can be edifying and strengthening. This is one of my favorite talks by them, as they share about treating boys not as possible suitors (believe me, even three-year-olds think that way, because I was one of them!), but as brothers in Christ.

Leave a comment to enter the giveaway! (For extra entries you can post about this giveaway on a blog, twitter, facebook, etc., just be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry!) Give-away closes Wednesday, June 16th at 8pm EST.



No Ordinary Me said...

How are you? And your mom? I pray and often think of you and her. Keep me in touch, sister in Christ.

Tammy said...

We are doing ok. Each day is a new challenge. The pain is still there and is still very deep. I think it will be like this for a very long time. Thank you so much for your prayers they are deep appreciated.