Monday, June 7, 2010

The Prayer Closet

So many times in my life,when things get to heavy for me to carry. I go the Jesus,I cry out to my Heavenly father and he gives me peace.

There is so much stress in our lives. Taking care of our families and our homes,cooking nutritious meals for our family. So many times we take on all our duties and so much more from volunteering to help the needy,helping friends and family members,helping at our churches. Women have the need to care for others instilled in them from God and often times we feel the anguish others are going through because of this.

When going day to day in and the stresses of life get to heavy. I go off by myself so that I can be with Jesus,one on one time with my saviour. Sometimes I pray,sometimes I ready my bible and other times I just sit there feeling his presence and his love for me. When I return to my family or the job at hand I feel renewed and calm. I know I couldn't do what I do on a day to day basis with  Jesus helping me. When I feel weak he is there to strengthen me.

Do you have a prayer closet or a special place you go to be alone with Jesus?

The Happy Homemaker

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