Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fall Cleaning

With Summer soon coming to an end and fall beginning I start to focus on getting things done  to prepare for the cooler temperatures.

I first go through the house and make a list of things I want to focus on that I may not otherwise. From there I make my way outside and walk all along my property. I make a detailed list of things I want to take care of inside and out of my home.

Things I look for are..... do the carpets need to be cleaned,do the drapes need cleaned,is there anything that needs to be painted or repaired before it gets to cold out to do so,wash the patio furniture and wash cushions to later put away,make sure the gutters are clean,is there any weeding or trimming that need to be done,does the siding need to be washed down. These are all things I look at as well as anything else I may see that needs some attention and add it to my list.

I work on my list until it's complete or at least that's the plan. I also enlist my whole family to work on it. We work together as a family to complete the list. In a short time our home is ready for the new season.


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Anonymous said...

Tammy, when you get ready to do those rain gutters again, check out "grannies" new invention ( at ) to get that nasty job done quick and easy and stay clean while you are maintaining your "curb appeal."

Most of all you'll never have to climb a ladder again. So "Granny Jean" is wishing you peace, happiness, and blessings from above. Stay well, stay safe, and "Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled!"