Wednesday, July 20, 2011


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I have been praying about this decision for over a year,but have felt the nudge to move forward with it for many years. But out of fear I doubted myself.

I love the school that I teach in and my daughter goes to. It's a faith built Apostolic one God school. But with that said since my nephew/son has moved in and I have been conducting summer school here at home. I have found that he is terribly behind in many areas.

The public school that he attended since pre-k has sadly pushed him along each year and each year he has become increasingly behind. Then they wondered why he was easily frustrated and restless. He was not catching on. I was very surprised when I found out they actually passed him to move onto the 3rd grade. When he can barely read at the first grade level,his math skills are very low and more. The good thing and I thank Jesus for this is that he is catching on. I am taking things very slow with him and he is responding.

He gets down on himself sometimes when he sees my daughter excel so quickly at her tasks. I just reassure him that she has had more one on one and private school education but that he will get better,he only needs to believe in himself and work hard. I know I'm going to.

I am so excited I feel like I have finally made the right decision. I have a peace in my heart that I have not had before. My husband is 100% backing me up and my oldest son even wants to help teach Spanish. I know there will be pumps in the road but as long as we keep Jesus as the center of our lives in all areas he will give us the strength and wisdom to continue on.

God Bless,

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