Thursday, January 5, 2012

Maintaining is much easier than catching up

I love the feeling of a clean home. Knowing that no matter who may stop by, my home is ready for company. It is warm and welcoming, it looks and smells clean. It's clutter free and organized. This is a proud time for a homemaker.

 Now let’s move onto how one is to achieve this.  Of course a good cleaning routine is a must, so to develop or if you would like you can use mine. :  )Added note: I will be posting my cleaning routine very soon. : )  Hard work is a must, your home is not going to be as clean and organized as you want it to be if you are not willing to put the work into making it that way. Determination, dedication and a little elbow grease takes you so far and let us not forget prayer. Yes, I said prayer, praying and asking God for the wisdom and desire to do this is not wrong to ask God. You are blessing your husband and your whole family by being diligent in keeping your home cleaned and organized. This is our God given role, why wouldn't you want to embrace it and ask God for guidance.

 Let’s fast forward a little shall we........ Your home is now clean, clutter is under control and it’s organized. You feel so proud of all your hard work, you stand and look around and take a deep breath of satisfaction. You can rest easy now that your work is done.That is true to a point. Yes you can relax some but you still have to maintain your home. Working daily to keep it clean and organized. If you let is lapse you will be right back to putting in all the hard work and soon your frustrated and give up. Thinking it's just too hard and takes up too much time to have the type of home you want. You start thinking that women that have homes like that do nothing all day but clean. That is not true.

When you clean a dirty home, yes it's hard, yes it's time consuming, yes it's overwhelming at times. But once you achieve your goal of a clean and organized home it is much easier to maintain that level of cleanliness.

 By cleaning daily and working your cleaning routine you will find it takes much less time to clean your home because you are cleaning it daily. It is much easier to de-clutter because you are working daily to keep your home clutter free by doing clutter runs. You will then know it's much easier to keep a clean home clean that to clean a dirty home in other words it's far easier to maintain than to play catch up.

 God Bless,

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