Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our homeschool days!

This is our current daily homeschool schedule. It’s not ironclad and there are times when it’s not followed to a T but it’s a general idea of how we operate. : )

 8 am kids are up, getting dress and making their beds they then come into the kitchen and eat breakfast. While we are having breakfast we read Proverbs chapter of the day. After breakfast they do their morning chores and brush their teeth and hair. By 9 we are in the school room settling down to start. We pray each morning before starting and then we dive in to assignment number one. Carissa (9) math, Devon (8) Phonics, they need to have at least 2 subjects done by lunch; most times they have more than two. 10:30 we have morning snack which they eat at their desks. It’s usually fruit or something like that. We stop for lunch and free time at noon and resume school at 1 pm. We also stop at 2 pm for BMT this is what we call our Bible Memory Time. After that they work on whatever they need to finish. History and science we do together. Math, reading, English, literature, etc. are done independently but I am here for any assistance needed. We are usually finished with school by 3 – 3:30 and our afternoon snack is at 3:30. They are then free for the afternoon. My daughter Carissa is learning how to type so she does get on the computer and practice on the program we have. After she is done with that she has free time as well.

That’s how most of our days go, how about yours?

God Bless,

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