Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stop complain,God is in control

Have you ever prayed for something and then when God answers your prayers you complain about it because it's not what you wanted? How many times have we been complacent with the Lord because we don't feel like our prayers are being heard? How many times have we gotten upset because we wanted a different outcome from a prayer than what we got?

 God answers your prayers 1. in his time,not ours and 2. to his will,he has a plan for all of his children. When you pray for something maybe God has bigger better plans for you and to answer your pray the way that you would like to see him answer it at that time,would interfer with his greater plans for you.

So many times we act like spoiled rotten children. We rant and kick around when we don't get out way. So what if you didn't get that promotion at work or raise.  What if the loan didn't go through for that bigger home?

Maybe the Lord has a better job just around the corner for you and if you would have gotten what you wanted from the last job you wouldn't go where he wants you to be. And even though the Lord didn't give you the home you wanted maybe he has a better one for you,that will fit your budget much better. We so often think we can just do better on our own and time and time again we are shown that we need Jesus in our lives. To guide us and protect us.

Try this little exercise with me......

1.pray daily not just for the things of your heart but for others. Talk with Jesus he's our father and our friend.

2. this is going to be a tough one for most of us. Practice patience. Just because you don't get what you want when you want it doesn't mean that the Lord doesn't want to bless you in his time.

3. Give God the Glory no matter what happens in your life. Praise him through the good and the bad.

4. Think of others before thinking of yourself,pray for your neighbor and show kindness to others

5. Even when things don't work out the way you had hoped trust that God is in control and soon his plan will reveal itself to you.

It's only 5 little things to practice but these 5 little things but if we all practiced them on a daily basis,just think of how we would benefit. And our relationship with Jesus would be so much closer.

Happy Homemaking

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